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Bonjour Quentin!

Quel beau voyage nous avons fait!  La croisière était superbe, les spectacles de danses étaient excellents, les comédiens au club de comédie étaient vraiment bons et la nourriture servie aux repas du soir étaient digne de 5 étoiles!  C’était vraiment super et encore un gros merci de nous avoir assisté avec les arrangements.

à Bientôt!

What a great trip we did! The cruise was beautiful, the dance performances were excellent, the actors in the comedy club were really good and the food served at dinner were worthy of 5 stars! It was really great and a big thank you again for having assisted us with the arrangements.

See you soon!

Danielle Godfrey

Gatineau, QC

Bridebox: Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

One of the most important aspects of a marriage proposal is the engagement ring. This ring is traditionally a beautiful gemstone set on a band and is what has come to be known as a symbol of wedding culture. This piece of jewelry is oftentimes mistakenly referred to as the wedding ring, and the two terms seem to have become interchangeable in everyday vocabulary. But, what really is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? Do you need to have both?  We answer these questions and more to help clear things up.

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is given to someone at the time of a marriage proposal. Traditionally, women receive the engagement ring and are expected to wear it starting from the time of the proposal. Having a ring on her finger will indicate to the world that she is taken and is committed to her partner. These rings can vary greatly in terms of extravagance and price, but the most common type of engagement ring has a diamond or another gemstone set atop a pretty band. The engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand (the one next to the pinky).

wedding ring versus engagement ring

Photo Credit: Flameville

What is a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are exchanged between partners during the wedding ceremony. They are typically more simple bands in comparison to the engagement ring and do not have a center diamond or prominent gemstone. Both partners receive a wedding band during the ceremony and they each wear them on the third fingers of their left hands. Because the wedding band is placed on the same finger as the engagement ring, many brides choose to move their engagement rings to their right hands for the ceremony and then move them back to the left hand afterwards so that their two rings are stacked.

wedding ring engagement ring set

Photo Credit: Weddingbee

The meanings behind the rings

The tradition of the engagement ring dates back many centuries, when a man would ask for his lady’s hand in marriage by giving her a valuable ring in exchange for the father’s  approval and exchange in “ownership” of this lady. These rings became more and more extravagant over time because they came to represent the man’s wealth, which was very desirable for both the man and the woman and her family. Although this notion is clearly very dated, the tradition of offering a ring for one’s hand in marriage has lived on.

In addition to the historical meaning of the wedding ring, there is also a symbolic aspect as well. The circular shape of a ring represents eternity and infinity, and the hole through the ring signifies a doorway leading to events in the future. To give someone a ring indicates the commitment of never-ending and immortal love.

engagement ring vs wedding ring

Photo Credit: Robbins Brothers

Do I need to wear both an engagement and wedding ring?

Because the engagement ring is traditionally the flashier and more extravagant ring of the two, most women wear the engagement ring on their left hand ring fingers. Many women will wear their wedding bands stacked underneath the engagement ring as well, while some women choose to only wear one ring to represent both. Many jewelers sell engagement rings and wedding rings as a set so that they match one another and look stylish when worn together. However, this is absolutely not a requirement and you and your partner can choose to buy wedding bands at your own leisure if you wish to have them at all.

bride and groom wedding rings

Photo Credit: Gigmasters

Men typically receive wedding bands on the day of their wedding ceremonies. These grooms wedding bands are generally thicker in width than bridal wedding bands and are usually made of one type of precious metal, such as gold, silver or platinum. Some men’s wedding bands may contain small diamonds or jewels and the design and style of the band is up to their personal preference.

How much do wedding and engagement rings cost?

Wedding rings and engagement rings can vary greatly in price depending on the materials used to make it, the size and your location. Most engagement rings include at least one diamond and most wedding bands do not have any gemstones, so engagement rings are usually much more expensive than wedding rings. A general rule of thumb that many people choose to follow is to spend about two to three months’ salary on an engagement ring. Of course, how much you choose to spend on any of your wedding jewelry is entirely up to your preference and tastes.

bride and groom wedding bands

Photo Credit: Onewed

Your engagement ring and wedding ring both represent the unity and bond that you’ve committed to one another on your wedding day. Whether you choose to go with an extravagant jewel or an understated band, this piece of jewelry is something that will indicate to the world and to yourselves your commitment to one another as a married couple. There’s so many different types and styles of both engagement rings and wedding rings, guaranteeing that you and your partner will surely be able to find the perfect ones for you.

Article sourced from The Bride Box Blog

Preserve Your Wedding Cake And Eat It On Your Anniversary by BrideBox.Com!

Preserving the top tier of your wedding cake and eating it a year later is known as an omen for good luck. You’ll get to celebrate your first anniversary together by reliving one of the most special moments you’ve shared. This wedding tradition is one that has been around for ages, and it’s important you take the proper steps if you are going to preserve your wedding cake so that it’s safe to eat a whole year later. We guide you through the process of bringing your wedding cake home at the end of the night.

Beginning steps

First off, make sure you let your caterer and staff know that you intend to preserve the top tier of your cake to take home. Next, choose someone reliable and that you can trust to be in charge of wrapping up the cake and putting it somewhere safe for you. As you will be exiting the reception to go off to your honeymoon or hotel room, the last thing you want to be on your mind is whether your wedding cake makes it home instead of into the trash. Choose your sister, a bridesmaid or your wedding planner, and ask them to carefully take the top tier off of the cake. Have them remove any decorations that may break and would make it difficult to wrap up the cake. You need to properly wrap up the cake so that it keeps its moist texture and so that it doesn’t dry out over time. Remove your cake from cardboard if it so happens to be on cardboard, for the taste may seep into the cake. It is important to put your cake in the freezer for about 30 minutes so that the icing hardens. Try to keep your cake away from anything with a strong or pungent smell so that the cake doesn’t absorb these flavors!

how to preserve wedding cake Preserve Your Wedding Cake And Eat It On Your Anniversary!

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


Step-by-step process

Now that you have a cake with frozen icing, you are ready to wrap the cake for good so that it does not go stale for another year. Cover the cake fully with plastic wrap, as tight as you possibly can. First wrap it with multiple layers of plastic wrap, and avoid foil for the bottom layers so that you do not get freezer burn on your cake! After wrapping your cake with several layers of plastic, wrap it with at least two layers of aluminum foil. We then suggest putting your cake into an airtight bag such as Ziploc. The more wrapping and protection you have over the cake, the less likely it is to get freezer burn or have any remnant smells from the freezer. You may want to put some sort of ribbon or decoration on the wrapped cake so that you don’t mistake it for something else and accidentally open it. Why not use something leftover from your reception decor? That way you’ll have another nice memory from your special day when you open the cake on your anniversary!

preserving wedding cake Preserve Your Wedding Cake And Eat It On Your Anniversary!

Photo Credit: Divacratus


Types of cakes

It is also important to know the type of cake you are eating. Some cakes will hold up much better than others. The more delicate your cake is, the more stale, less moist and drier your cake will become.  For example, angel food cake is a lighter cake that will not hold up so well. Anything with fillings such as custards, creams or puddings will also not do so well. Cakes such as chocolate and carrot are more likely to stay more moist and have a longer shelf life than cakes such as fruit cake or white cake.


It’s time to eat!

After a year, it is finally time to eat your cake. Make sure to begin defrosting your cake a day in advance in your refrigerator. Remove the cake from its wrapping and let it continue defrosting. It will taste the best if you let it sit in room temperature for a bit before diving into your wedding anniversary cake!

Another option in the case that you do not want to freeze your cake the night of your wedding day is to order a similar, smaller cake on your one year anniversary. Many bakeries will work with you to provide the same cake you had on your wedding day. This will help you remember and enjoy your wedding day cake without having to deal with the freezing of the cake.

freezing wedding cake Preserve Your Wedding Cake And Eat It On Your Anniversary!

Photo Credit: Arkansas Bride

Blog Post Credit to Bride Box Blog